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In this paper, Bowlby's theory of attachment and child care will be outlined along with additions from other theorists such as Rutter and Ainsworth. ... His conclusions led him to postulate that the distress at separation from the mother was universal in babies. Bowlby characterised this distress as following the pattern of infant
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In conclusion, I will demonstrate application of attachment theory to social work practice. Attachment theory. Bowlby (1969: 13) describes attachment as 'an invisible affectionate bond between two people that consists of instinctive interactions'. Howe et al (1999) asserts that attachment is viewed as a biological response
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Extracts from this document... Introduction. Bowlby's Attachment Theory Findings form animal studies were a powerful influence on Bowlby's thoughts. He suggested too that there was a critical period for the development of attachments between infant and care giver. According to Bowlby infants display an innate tendency to
13). Many aspects of this theory grew out of psychoanalyst, John Bowlby's research. There are several other factors that needed to be taken into account before the social worker reached a conclusion; such as issues surrounding poverty, social class and temperament.... [tags: attachment theory, secure attachment]
An Overview of the Attachment Theory in Psychology. Attachment Theory Attachment Theory Attachment or bonding is the developing relationship established between a primary caregiver, usually the mother, and her child. Attachment behaviors begin early in life. This narrow age limit is often called the critical period.
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Free Essay: Bowlby explored a wide range of fields in order to formulate the attachment theory which includes psychoanalysis, control system theory,... ... At that time there was limited empirical data and no comprehensive theory to account this conclusion. However, this work sparked considerable interest in the nature of

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