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Free Essay: The government in Sparta followed a very different coarse than that of the Athenians. It was controlled by an oligarchy in which the power was...
Sparta v. Athens Sample Essay. Ancient Greece is a land of many city-‐states, called poleis. Each polis had its own government, laws, rulers, and customs, although they did have certain things in common such as their language and religion. As a rule, though, the city-‐states did not get along. Two of the most famous and
The country of Greece in 400-500 B.C. was led to greatness by two great city-states. These city-states were Athens and Sparta. These two states were as.
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Culture and Technology in Athens and Sparta The culture of a society, as determined by its political, social and religious structure, is a major factor in the development of its technology. Even societies that exist in the same time and environment can progress in different directions, depending on the interests and goals of the
Differences between Sparta and Athens - Sparta & Athens Sparta and Athens so close yet so different. Since the beging of these two great city~states everyone has been fascinated by the similarities, but more by the differences. This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities. I'll start with the similarities.
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Directions: In a structured five-paragraph essay, answer the question below using quotes from the 11 provided primary sources to support your claims. You must use (directly quote) at least 6 documents total from the 11 below which clearly contrast Athens and Sparta with regard to their government, economy and culture.
Sample Essay Format. FOR QUESTION #1, WRITE 3 PARAGRAPHS. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE AN INTRODUCTION, BODY, AND CONCLUSION. 1.Compare and contrast ancient Athens and Sparta. Include the following: ♧Types of government. ♧Military. ♧Values (education & culture). P#1 INTRODUCTION. Athens and
Comparison of Athens and Sparta essaysComparing Athens and Sparta is like comparing heaven to hell. One of the the few similarities which Athens and Sparta share is that both of the cities are located in the same country, Greece. "Greece is a mountainous peninsula that closely resembles in size.

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